Music is an evocation of what we dream and realize, what we perceive and think we understand. It is the realization of our inner systems creating worlds believed to be unexplored, rather the presence of past and future, memories, somehow, of uncharted lands. Farewell, Doomed Planet is an exploration of this emotion, conveying a world intricate and variant, but one that is simply our own.
Exploring this new world reveals abstract expressions of existential dread and loss, the language of instruments and desolation are surreal here, used to describe a visionary world Elizabeth Joan Kelly envisions, the future?
Her songs teem with colorful metaphors, recurring characters, and dreamlike arrangements, but often surreal, like logical outpourings of the subconscious constructed and manipulated together for an eccentric and evanescent glow.
The album is a fantastic piece of complex variations between patterns and arrangements; certainly unlike anything I’ve ever heard.
Electrifying and haunting. An interesting display of various sound designs and complex arrangements which turn out to be a hell of a ride!
The songs feel ominous, both within concept and execution, yet, they still contain an unexpected source of light lingering behind the shadows of abrasive textures, confronting percussive patterns and a voice that is soothing but with a distant melancholic ring.

Farewell, Doomed Planet opens with Harm, a nice and subtle introduction into the chaos that awaits. Loops and sound manipulations seem to be present here, giving emotion to an otherwise abandoned future.
Baleen Executioner is an explosion of percussion and sound design, followed by wonderfully mixed in vocals which characterize the essence of the songs hypnotic feeling.
Another great track was Trinity Quadrant Cantata, angelic vocals which carries an honest portrayal of her internal and external nature, poetically transmitted. Placing special emphasis on surrealistic and poetic aspects of an ending world.
The “heavenly voice” expresses the differences between appearance and existence of human feelings, which has its origin in the electrifying power of human nature.

With Farewell, Doomed Planet, Elizabeth Joan Kelly delivers extraordinary power, presenting a subject for heated minds to talk about, an object to philosophize on, and last but not least definitely music which compels to dance our way into a dream.

You may purchase the album Farewell, Doomed Planet by Elizabeth Joan Kelly HERE