A harrowing musical piece offering no ends for destruction. Blue Boar is a finite representation of the strength and tenacity sounds augment. Released on October 27, 2019 through Kalamine Records Lavatone did an incredible job unifying and, quintessentially, keeping the energy alive with consistency and a vast collection of sounds and hard-ware.
Focusing more on brutish landscapes from ambient mixes and drone-like textures sinking the listener deeper into the album’s nightmarish universe,
nothing sounds too brutal or over-bearing – rather a symphony of emotion ran through mind-bending structures.
Blue Boar is something to marvel at, amplifying the psyche into a tangible hell-scape.

The album was released in cassette limited to 10 copies and on Bandcamp

Showcasing 5 lengthy tracks, the songs here don’t evolve – quickly – either, rather slowly pulsating through rhythmic, atmospheric landscapes and dampened synth structures. The ambient background is either enriched with diaphanous chimes, sonorous tones or white noise softly trickling through textured oscillators. Sounds of Blue Boar are remote and supply a meditative element, characteristically on the backdrop of affliction.

One song, in particular, executes this concept very well, Shelter In Place. Seizing the opportunity with one last song to force the listener to become gently enveloped in the riddles flourishing the evening of life. Sacred tones harbor a sense of melody behind the wall of chaos. With an atmosphere resembling abandonment and loss, minimal instruments is perfect – displaying somber emotion with subtlety and finesse, leaving it to the listener for interpretation while conceiving a musical sphere of emotion and mortality; letting the music grow like an organism through a dying world of tribal terrors.

In any album, you need a powerful opener, one that hooks the listener into the artist’s world; Monolith is exemplary. Introducing us to a riveting degree of dirty electronics and thundering drones while a deep bass bashes our ears; changing the synth’s pitch. The song arises subtlety in power but nevertheless, is captivating.
Dilapidated drum somberly pounds through corridors of panic, a feeling of dread blankets you.

Second track The Blue Boar, from the album’s title, is unforgiving and intense! As the song progresses, we observe ā€“ further ā€“ the musical landscapes where harmonious tones and muddied layers are deconstructed into a frenzy of cinematic noise-scape. A carefully constructed language that intensifies the listener through the hot cry of machine-drones, pulsating loops and distorted synths.

Lavatone truly outdid himself with Blue Boar, a fantastic concoction of all the perfect ingredients for a wonderful ambient-drone album; constructing and evolving the ambiguity of music and chaos, then into lands of harmonious composition. Just when you thought the music decayed into the same loops and arrangements, it breaks from its cacophony – revealing duality of organic life mixed with hardware and expressing deeper the conditions of this dreadful world.

Purchase THE BLUE BOAR by Lavatone through Kalamine Records on Bandcamp