Strolling through fields of black and white, coarse herbage rubs against your body as you look to filtered horizons; watching a hazy mist caress the skin of the valley.
These are the sounds in which peace corroborates with its depressive character; communicating with an old friend.
A collaborative effort which seeks to only exist. Two artists geographically separated but determined to create some of the most deliciously minimal and melancholic music you’ll ever hear. Wonderful while at the same time a trip through abandonment and loss, each song represents this relationship with peace – in that a single instrument was used from each artist: a piano, and guitar – and the chaotic side of emotion.

A split between Frederick St. Peter and Zero Gravity Tea Ceremony, FRSPZGTC Split is an experience through saturated depths of tape-hiss and blue-guitar explorations. The piano sinks us into the ancient ocean’s, treading lightly through dampened tonality we arrive to the progressive distortions of a guitar rendering the heart with a gracious charm, thrusting it into an arrest of tension.

Released November 29, 2019 through Liquid Library on Bandcamp, these are uniquely designed in that the construction is house-made material and individually dubbed copies. Only 10, very limited, copies were made.

We are introduced to Frederick St. Peter Watercolors. The piano introduces some dull tones marked by a calming atmosphere subtracted of meditation, more somnolent and melancholic in its wake. The keys are the characters of emotion running through the chambers of existence, trailing behind sonority followed by a rush of dynamically steadfast energy, reveling in muddied tones.

Much of his music consists of the harmonic monotony and structural subtlety. He gives a fascinating account of the track’s identity, free and detached but also intensely focused on a specific quality and atmospheric dissonance. Such as the track Temple Walls honing on minute distortion creating a heavenly mixture of ambiance and age.
Frederick St. Peter‘s depressant tone and energy takes liberty in expanding ritardandos and maximizing lo-fi quality; it also effectively juxtaposes flowing, melodic sections with arresting interludes.

For all its passing beauties, there’s a sense throughout this side that’s more concerned with what is still to be discovered through songs like Jewelled Steps, cascading piano plays backwards through a tumultuous setting of unnerving and dissonant frequency. Exiting, there’s a sense of ‘what’s next,’ not for the respectable artist, but more stepping from this musical application of austere environment.
An atmosphere to this melancholic degree can only be grown upon; so what comes next is more than intriguing – rather an adventure and a treat, in and of itself.

Zero Gravity Tea Ceremony executes his side beautifully with dampened and slightly distorted blues guitar. Freely exploring the structure of sound, and the creative energy – as elementary and minimalist as it may seem – couldn’t be better. It’s not about the superimposition of arrangement but the development of concept, the execution of something that was entirely constructed from within dissolving influence.

On a scale of 1​-​5, how lonely would you consider yourself to be, in general? That is the question.
Difficult to make out in some areas, but nonetheless thickly inarticulate structures unselfconscious, simply, in its style. And that is exactly why I love experimental music with a burning passion, the sheer color and nuance of sounds is the greatest object to behold.
Zero Gravity Tea Ceremony did a fantastic job ensuring each song flowed beautifully, collapsing into an environment for the stars; sailing endlessly through the crystallized sparsity of our lonely minds.

TesserAct was considerably different, more of an experiment with the body rather than the guitar’s strings. Slapping and elongating tones to dissonantly extend through the sound’s threshold.

FRSPZGTC Split was unique in that it was a symphony of the hazy world we live in – the ever-dying blossom of character and identity. Maybe not Chopin or Debussy skillful, or B.B King and Buddy Guy, but I would say far more enjoy-full, because of their perspective on the matter of sound and its palpable atmospheric quality. Cinema for the auditory pleasure.

Purchase FRSPZGTC Split by Frederick St. Peter and Zero Gravity Tea Ceremony through Liquid Library on Bandcamp