Mmrk has created something visceral and unexplainable; devoid entirely of human feeling and focusing on transcendental avenues. His newest release, Soundscape of Gandharva, is simply – an epic journey.

Going into solitude; digressing into your chamber, away from the disdain of society. The landscapes blossom with modulated worlds of clarity and dissonance; as the rays of the sky open and separate. Atmosphere is made transparent with this design, through sonic architecture and minimal arrangements, an offering of peace and serenity occupying an empty plain of inner mortality. We see through this expedition integral delay, mountainous synths and opulent noise flowing like language of a blooming forest in an otherwise netherworld universe.
Moving closer into forming lands; closer into the sounds of passing days, moonlight reflecting the shadows of water – we are made complete with this unreality.

Remixed from 2015 live showing at No Elevator Studios, the digital version Soundscape of Gandharva was self-released on Bandcamp February 2, 2020 – remastered by Fiscerprais Studios.
This version omits the contrasting classical guitar application, aiming to focus primarily on sounds and the accompaniment of inner silence.
The original version presents a higher spiritual element, a discipline of ambient background structures melded with extreme care through classical styles.

Part 1 introduces dissonance melded with white noise reverberation emanating behind a diaphanous curtain. Sheets of ambiance stretch from the laboratorial shadows of sound. Swelling dissonant synths trail steadily; fashioning a world filled with the corpse of somnolent beauty.
Pulsating sonic waves reverberate through a current of ambivalence, seizing an energy manipulated and modulated through filters and grandeur sound designs. Frequencies shuffle through medicinal vibes, restoring the tone of your heart; while the adept Mmrk ventures through filters and effects symmetrical to one another: always purposeful.
Shadows in the background hiss and echo through creation, while a harrowing bass thumps and vibrates; pulsating a scintillating mask of panic and mystery. Awakening a certain reverence, the nature of this noisescape is inescapable; shifting through austere pulsations and modulated synth structures.
Electronic screams emanate from the ever-evolving abyss. Mountainous terrain and eccentric life inhabit this plain, as we are greeted immediately with Part 2.

Part 2 swims through your spine like clouds sailing in the ocean-sky; harboring a storm. Nicely orchestrated, repeating through tuneful manipulations and rich, sometimes gratuitous, tones; nonetheless, voicing abstract imagery of a world solidified in its own solidarity. Bass swells and, almost, sonic clatter are wonderfully mixed in – steadily gliding through hypnotic ambiance. There are no words to truly justify the nature of this album – shrouded in multitudinous styles, taking melody at times and inverting its material; the lines of technique and emotion are drawn together perfectly, exhumed from the instruments and hardware that glow in the light of wisdom within music.
Creating a beautiful environment with harmonic tones and meditative percussion’s, wonderfully spicing each track to perfection; allowing the listener to manifest in a ‘day-dream’, as the blissful magic of sounds and sensation evolve from their original state.

Incredibly well-put and well though-out; patiently creating a journey through existential renewal, through the colossal spaces of energy. Each track – each sound – pulls you closer into the depths of the Soundscape of Gandharva.

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