Textures exhume ambiance echoing through this experimental junkyard; through this cinematic dream. Muddy landscapes and explosive industrial material encase a dreadful environment. Power here emits a special glow, encompassing fragmentary sensations preceding each arrangement.
Expanding upon this madness through two songs, each exacting a variant of this industrial organism. Monstre communicates through fabrics of bliss, through duality of organic life and hardware springing into quintessential styles. Expanding upon this, Ralenti Du Temps drives these textures to their end; while structurally explosive orchestrations of stripped field recordings and electronic compositions offer no traditional structure. 
I highly recommend listening to [SRVTR & Khaoman]; the great lexicon of industrial-noise. A true visual and aural journey to convey – a story of mechanical hardware and distorted sequences bludgeoning your soul

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