When artist Zachary Zena Giberson sent me his album, I felt as though I unearthed a symphonic score of some other-world masterpiece. Sounds of disembodied staves, notes scattered everywhere, elongated metallic rings shooting through orchestral madness. Candy Anniversary quickly became an utterly addictive playground of restless, relentlessly surprising noise.

Improvised, recorded and produced from January 2020 to April 2020, Candy Anniversary is Zachary Zena Giberson‘s tenth album, and the last release under his name: now under the moniker Ooey.
Released April 7, 2020, this album exemplifies experimentation, taking the listener through latent energy of some deeply disturbed dream.

Beginning with You Are the Open Palm, consisting of bass swirling as chimes wisp us through a labyrinthine valley encased in almost netherworld material. Protruding sonorous metallic vibrations emanate from improvised touch. The arrangements – for practically the whole album – are kept minimal and shrouded in eclectic mysticism, all the while a piano rings through a jocund ride of gloomy and hypnotic affairs. Even in the event of Here For This, constructions of synthscapes swell with electrifying bass droplets. Minimal and relatively bright synth sonority is added, but is enveloped in its dark, lively mood; fitting with its overarching concept and foreign substance. Crowd Teaser is more of a display of fragmentary digressions through order and peace. Nothing here corroborates rather a tumultuous setting imploding on itself. Sectioning its manipulative instruments and elongated metallic shines into finite textures offering some crazy landscape.
In Ugly Meringue, gentle pulses of bass and synth washes are added amid distorted tones resulting wonderful displays of monstrous experimentation; as sounds vacillate between sweet mixtures of crisply articulated sounds and dissonant textures; all constructing and evolving designs of sound-ambiguity.

Lost In Your Forest is as eccentric as the title itself. Consisting of broken tones and twisted musical fields, stretching and contorting your mind then re-constructed to deformity, which is fitting with Drowned in Molasses – as it creates netherworld frequencies. Palpably abstract, but never distant to new experimentation’s.
With no percussion, these songs are an amorphous listening experience, one which billows out and provides visceral textures unheard of from a lot of artists in this field. Yet, it is also much more than that: generating a broad range of dissonant soundscapes and obliterated vistas, an energy that seamlessly shifts through a wide variety of chaos and torment while comprising itself of trashed angularity and a heavy blanket of peculiar sound design; and a self-assured and challenging collection.

I didn’t want to go too full into detail, mainly because a lot of the times I couldn’t comprehend exactly what I was hearing – which is a plus in my book. Everything was undoubtedly impressive, easing you gently into a cacophony of extreme sound; not necessarily abrasive. Alongside the insistent oddities encasing your world, everything remains relatively the same, but never quite monotonous. And woven into the tapestry are also moments of lightness, just like the experimentation it communicates, this album can’t be reduced to something linear, instead surprising you at every turn, sometimes with the same sound: one moment incomprehensible, the next, transcendent..

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