Unboxers is one of those songs which you can put on repeat and simply zone out in any place. Distorted samples of a guitar relax you to the core. Vacillating between delays and illuminating the song’s melody; distorted hi-hat and bass groove as vocals harmonize serenity.
A pattern of flux and flexibility runs through the Single’s palette, minimal structures, and emotional tenor. Almost somber mainly a reflective feel, like the mindscape-evoking a feature potent and immune to movement. Repeating softly, textures of this reality offer a crisp and clear notion of pure sound without the the extravagance of philosophy. In this respect, the percussive beats and wonderful classical guitar melodies erase hierarchy, everything remains linear.

Self-released by Polyhymns on Bandcamp, this Single is one of many offering this wonderful magic through variations of styles relative. It is loaded with an ethereally bright classical chords and symmetrically dominant rhythms. This is an energetic piece that in a weirdly twisted way pleases both Ambient fans and hip-hip fanatics.

Polyhymns formed in 2019 as an off-shoot group from folktronica band Little Glitches. They write and produce a mixture of electronic experimental music and dreamy acoustic pop songs. Previous work has been championed by Lauren Laverne and Shaun Keaveny, and received remixes from Morcheeba and Fila Brazilia. Due to Covid-19 the group are currently studio-based and are interested in online collaborations with other musicians and artists. They are particularly keen to work with video artists and film makers.


Polyhymns is enjoyed by those who are fond of mellow vocals in dialogue with reverberating harmony, glistening guitar strings and whimsical beats; although there are variation’s in the classical sense to be found –making things even more intriguing.

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