Below is a small list of some pretty cool recently released to semi-older albums; which I find personally enjoyable. Ranging from clean electronics, to ambient-drone fixtures, to swirling blood storms of noise and power electronics; and free-improvisational styles captivating.
I would like to do more of these in the coming days, so definitely stay tuned for more pleasurable sounds coming from the underground world.

: 虐殺機関 :

The songs contain high-powered, ferocious sound designs which appear to deconstruct and build over a rapid change in instruments used, and through the structure of auditory tenacity; such as the guttural noises made from the vocals to the exploration of sounds that are sparse and vast, I love how this artist is not afraid to deliver something explosive and violent. Transportive in nature, as these are the elements where whimsical and other-worldly environments are found.

by Zumaia

8 tracks billowing through industrial clatter and fervent energy seizing you in a territory of existential dread. Starting things off with gorgeously dissonant sound designs, high pitched droplets and sizzling statics. Every layer this album works with its counterpart and thus the cannot be considered a dull Ambient outing by numbers at all, but in fact inherits a concealed, maddened vibe that runs as a golden thread throughout the release.

by SVR

This is so interesting from a musical standpoint due to the depth, which one would say is omitted, and multilayered synths that are always on the forefront – drowning the listener in deep bass pulses. Marked in roman numerals, songs here display a mysterious quality drenched in monotonous wonders of harrowing synth glides vacillating between fixtures of deep, crisp growls and beams of light cascading through the background. Everything remains almost timidly fragile while hinting ferocious strength in cold forms absorbing contrast of deep, vibrant bass lines.

Music like this intensifies the meaning of life – the meaning behind the abundance of sensations that powerfully run throughout our heart. This album expresses this factor in a uniquely tangible way, structuring deep tones to swallow the listener into the body of slumber and strike them with nightmarish, sonorous arrangements that will forever haunt.

Executed vocal-work and beautifully composed sonic avenues perfectly: a homogeneity of minimal quality lapping into visceral sensation and congruent instrument shapes sinuously gliding through the velvet strangeness of ambiance and electronic treatments, and most importantly paying attention to how they supply each other. This was a very lovely Single.

by 虹釜太郎

Seizing a power of synth information ran through effects and palpably jarring filters that sounds like some extraterrestrial space-plant calling its mother ship. Looped continuously to bring an amazingly harrowing vibe that makes you step and wonder just what the future of music will bring as people begin understanding new ways to experiment. The subtle variations and dissonance in tones and patterns are born from the field recordings which resemble a psychic riddle – intricately interweaving through our journey of musical transcendence.