Compilation’s can be small offerings of something remarkably special; a gemstone for creation that can be utilized to explore and reveal, so much, to the listener. Retrophonica not only has a clear purpose and direction, but is exemplary as this offering; an informative piece celebrating the pioneering works of Delia Derbyshire, Wendy Carlos and other electronic innovators.
Retrophonica – Aetheric Transmissions is a charity compilation, created by John from Sound Effects Of Death And Horror. 12 artists, the 13th being from (SEODAH), have created original works utilizing 60/70’s samples and sound designs for framework. These compositions range from freelance sound designs to orderly construction’s disemboweling the original samples; completely influenced from these pioneering sources, piecing an opus of enigmatic instrumentation.

Released May 15, 2020, this compilation will be included as a Limited Edition Compact Disc in eco-friendly cardboard sleeve. The cover and layout are by Nils-B. Frohn and the insert images are by Skip Doncaster.
All the artists in this compilation did a remarkable job resembling such recognizable sounds, a dominant sonic palette of Derbyshire and Carlos – including droning, alien, sometimes-tonal elements. These are fastidiously arranged such that the work, restrained as it is, takes on a remarkable spatial quality.

Retrophonica is loaded with formidable nostalgia. “Like Clockwork” by Roberta Fidora is a perfect opener, firmly establishing a strong architecture of swirling synths, layered bells and tones; all captivating your sense. “Deep Thought” by Sick Robot is a particularly animated arpeggiated workout embellished in bright synth tonality, while “Deo Gratias” by Alan Morse Davies blends delicate melodies with a more introspective mood. The swarms of harmonized vocals shape an alien-like palette and rambunctious spirit of “Le Sacre du Printemps – Danse Sacrale” by Petridisch, making it one of the more lively offerings, while “Leisure Time” The Central Office Of Information is a great example of early color images of the natural world; manipulated and layered to emphasize pattern and form. “Let Ur Charm Inundate All” by The Home Current brilliantly captures the raucous, sedative eccentricity of ’60’s experimentation’s. Metro Musix by Elizabeth Joan Kelly is one of my favorites off the compilation, refining many of the elements typically pursued but adding her typical cataclysmic touch that becomes all the more riveting, and forbidden-sounding. “Within Dreams” by mzungu is another marvel, a quintessence of these introspective dark moods, reverberated samples detail alien adventures while opaque synths swirl and swim through this reticulated vision. Pursuing a linear path filled with joyous piano and bass-lines swinging us through the air.

And while you could go on about the various pulsing, numerous spheres and eclectic bodies of composition throughout this study, the work, with its pockets of energy dissolving into washes of texture, creates a world rather than describing an existing one.
Retrophonica – Aetheric Transmissions was created to clearly make sure to accept only high-quality material; allowing for an impressive statement. Its storyline extends far beyond, “Here’s our influences,” and truly celebrates – truly dignifies – the wonderful human beings that transcended Electronic music.