Venezia is a short collaborative effort that was presented in the setting of a cinematic dream. It sounds each member had their identity stitched through multiple layers in a congenial way; allowing this single to branch off in both experimental avenues and droning quality without giving the listener a headache or exaggerating the amount of crackles and glistening percussive textures.
Geiger Von Muller experiments with the power of guitars, articulating worlds melded with dreamy tunes and various sound color; Xqui is a mastermind with Ambient productions, curating intense soundscapes to delicate lifeforms, tinkering on the borders of mental bliss; while Pelso creates electronic tones that are rich and wholesome – curating emotional timbers to shine and modulate the core.

We enter vistas slowly evolving and manifesting in a vast tomb. Angelic synths surround our ears while muffled, deepened speech elongates this aura of mystery. Opulent sonic waves flow steadily in stygian space; holding together the evil lurking within its body as violin’s flare about in sonorous sparks, scintillating intense orchestral winds. This instrument vacillates and cascades from ear-to-ear – as the strings do an excellent job directing this mysterious attitude as something truly dark and antagonistic.

The vestigial melody of the backing synths, the dominantly terrifying violin’s – gliding sinuously – while pastoral soundscapes relinquish an uncertainty in the atmosphere, all descend, almost, into silence. Clear washes of light wind gusts brush away this composition into shadows.
Venezia is as hypnotic as it is opulent; reveling in a tuneful unorthodox sound that throws the listener against its sculpture.

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