Even those already familiar with the hypnotic psyche-ambiance of the UK sound designer and audio engineer, Coagulant, anyone will hear elements completely devoid of your typical ambient album in this epic suite, self-released February 27, 2020. Coming from his last release Anamorphoses, Rendlesham Transmitter is a two-composition dynamic, multi-colored paean to the individual and the elements of nature that relate to the self. That’s a new-age theme for sure, but in gifted hands it’s fully realized both musically and conceptually.

We start our phantasmal adventure oscillating blissful droning qualities in The Repeating Events. This composition revels in methods conjuring an orchestra relating to musique-concrete. Ingenuously treated arrangement’s exhume cataclysmic tonality flowing and submerging with foreign creatures slowly cascading across invisible fields – as distant clatter breaks and slowly rises another arrangement; transforming close from the background. Various swells cleanly decorate this nightmarish temple, as destructive winds pick-up. Sounds are rhythmically strung together while unnerving industrial shattering’s and a rancorous aura associate the psyche with various superimposition; that elongate reasoning into phantastic ambient-noise. The melodies are hard to grasp, and the song is geared more towards the dusky atmosphere than typical ambient patterns. 
Every piece is tuned to a sub-conscious degree; effectively pursuing dream-like states through deep and muffled sound deigns, remaining at the forefront. Crackles and hissing arise thorough this repeated architecture.
Feedback overlap sounds of shrieking machinery, which evoke feelings of mystery where only sensory is palpable; a quiet, melancholic melody is played, added with matutinal drone sounds.
Moving through, and transforming from, the environment that breeds a worm-like discrepancy in the laboratory of the individual – thundering textures and abrupt noise transcend our ears into crystallized fascination, emanating from the points of DMT Entities.

Sounds of enormous amoebas and tentacled beings; and androids; aliens; and humanoids and daemons communicate objects of grammar and light, echoing across wild sonic reverberation’s. Self-dribbling contentment guides us into enchanting interaction’s of the vibrating-self. Entities constructed from foundation’s undulating language surrounds us in wonderful harmonizing work, while dissonant drone surrounds us soothingly.
While this track is quite a bit darker, it is by no means terrifying or eerie, but on the contrary a completed sphere of the last track. The repeating chatter, from our entities discovered, beget fantastic antagonistic settings that produce a splendid ride which you can relax and fall into, unreal imagery. Sounds evolve in ways that are both minimal – utilizing electronic hardware, samplers and a variety of captivating recordings – while sculpting sound that prove to be complex. Deeper into the composition, vibrant sound colors stir powerful evocation’s dominating the dimension’s of the conscious.
I loved the subtlety involved in Rendlesham Transmitter, bringing us to an island of the conscious threaded with the golden energy that runs through this album. Coagulant did a wonderful job executing an environment unbounded by harmonic tones, instead expertly spicing each arrangement to perfection; allowing the listener to manifest in a ‘day-dream’, as the blissful magic of sounds and sensation evolve from, and into, their original state.

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