Anatomy of the Heads always delivers adventurous orchestration’s, compounding multiple layers that brush expertly crafted sounds into sacrificial, rancorous imagery. Self-releasing Exorcisme Langsung Di Dataran Minahasa October 30, 2019 – along with various albums the same month – some symphonies perform subtlety bordering chaos and inner peace, while others obliterate this duality.
Both tracks, (roughly 25 & 15 minutes long) exploit the traveler’s inner emotions; inundating sounds bashing dissonant resonance and rancorous composition’s. Each arrangement is a concinnity of the album’s core – some regions scream into an abyss; other sectors excavate gloomily waded environments textured from various hardware and surroundings – but all ambiguously transform and mutate from its original sound: embellishing Anatomy of the Heads‘s philosophy on music.

God, Weep for the Devil​-​Charmer! sparks dissonant pulchritude; sounds awaken a rich, tuneful haze of brightly animated instrumentation woven into a dialogue given from the mountain king – whom seeks sacred sound-objects in this temple of unguided light. There is nothing but the constant roaring of auditory activity; engulfing the listener in a duplicit landscape where noise ravages the farthest corners of this structure, and where enlightening points of serenity reign free.
Dirty, undulating textures are repeated through an infinite whirlpool of mechanical clatter and dying circuitry; refined dissonance bludgeon the listener as they crescendo and shift to a sonorous world torn from betrayal. The distorted experiments are a shiny veneer for this symphonic masterpiece, blasting gyre sound colors splitting into noises where empire’s teem with bacterial, corporeal factions that only break the finite composition of hope.

Certain Death Hell​-​star! / The Challenge of 66 Daggers opens with high-pitched ringing hissing and crackling through its overwhelming threshold. Various reverberated, foreign clatter sound off in the distance, slowly orchestrating new architectural works.
Ambient washes of white tonality draw mutated, android voices from beneath the synth’s breath; a light sparks weird socio-communicative creatures scuttling about from this monotonous stream. Suddenly, the sonic light quickly fragments into textured beauty of wonderfully complex tones that transcend into bright sonority. Extending from this, synergistic oscillations emanate from all around, running through murky waters frenziedly. Repeating this structure, we are suddenly met with harsh ambiance drawing various frequencies that drown remaining sounds; until descending into a mellifluous piano ride. Jocundly riveting, and all the more majestic; the piano takes a dip beyond the stars, swimming in its opulent waters. Forever bleeding into a new horizon, into a new journey from Anatomy of the Heads.

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