This music lives the hallucinogenic desert spirit with its dryly affected bends, pumping rhythmic chords and phantasmal mystic affection. Self-releasing Ruby Red Run! March 24, 2020, Geiger Von Muller effectively searches for various sounds and techniques with every release. With his debut album, Teddy Zer & The Kwands, (self-released December 26, 2018 with limited edition CD’s) you can hear the the powerfully swirling melodies and background rattles a little less, creating more of an eccentric ‘character’ out of his guitar.
The cover artwork makes things clear on each release; sounds are alien and hypnotic structures, but will transfer you from stormy days to halcyon moments.
Some songs can be counted precipitous, but despite the omnipresence of dry soundscapes, this is exactly what I would consider a warm or cozy album to be (I’m not sure if that’s Geiger’s intention, but I certainly feel jittery after listening), as several lurching chords and quick tone shifts beg for the listener’s attention and create a bustling liveliness.
Traveling through fire emanating from his fingers, we immerse into the breath of desert winds; until some hazy object shines in the sky. Is it real? Are we just tired, or thirsty? – it doesn’t mater; it’s coming closer, and it’s hungry!

Though most of the songs are kept very short, a few extending to 6 minutes, the album certainly doesn’t feel like it has 14-tracks; as each is guided by efficacy for the concept, Ruby Red Run! conquers a spectacle waiting for you to dance under the coruscating guitar.

Where Vater Sebastian was bright-eyed conducting strong chords and patient resonance, Origins #3 is bloodshot from a serial-sneezing fit caused by its own emotional dust bowl. But the gloomy vibe that permeates here has real force; immediately engaging you into the following anthem First Revisit. Geiger really pumps his guitar full of blood, sweat and mechanical steam glistening from his strings. You can taste the metal protruding from every melange articulated, bursting before working its way back into New Tracks 44​/​a‘s tinkling intro. There’s an immediate jolt that’s a nice touch, particularly if the listener has turned up the song because s/he couldn’t hear it too well, but the subsequent build and retreat almost conjoins with its relaxed, and charismatic neighbor Interstellar Resorption #3. Whimsical structures take us on a tour through various dry-scapes of the guitar’s bending nature. Bending chords to perform brilliant tonality that ricochets off of surrounding dirty sounds, and then transitioning our ears through erratic arrangement’s.

Ruby Red Run! is forever-gliding, a force my brain calls for in the tune of a couple others: Real Great Escape, and Next Revisit.
Both express a quiet disdain for the fruits of tonality, shredding the strings to produce some raw and dirty chords; then violently shaking and rattling from even the slightest touch. Changes in dynamic and tempo made these all the more a superb gift; dissecting various grooves and melodies running through your ears. The strings protrude heavily then slam back against the guitar, forever reverberating in the spirit of this album’s ferocious nature.

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