Maybe the best sounds, and the best images, drown out interpersonal worlds into an industrial junkyard masked by the wonderful trance hip-hop shapes conducted by Elizabeth Joan Kelly and the hypnotic blues soundscapes articulated from the mechanical shimmers of Geiger Von Müller.

The original sounds were taken from Blue Moon Frequency #2b off the album “Teddy Zer & The Kwands” in 2018, later and remixed by Elizabeth Joan Kelly June 25, 2020.
In this DADA’ist video trilogy, from the superb CGI director, Paal-V, the formations explored translate dark and dismal settings that reign within the hellish futuristic landscapes technology eagerly crafts.

We venture through a variety of feedback clicks and clangs, gyrating around a relaxed guitar pattern, shining and taking flight.
Strongly distinctive, crystalline filaments shoot through and expand upon excellently crafted devices. All the while, creative ingenuity modulates various sounds and ideas into the wonderfully mixed and compartmentalized fabric.

cinematography: Paal V
electronics: Elizabeth Joan Kelly
strings: Geiger von Muller
original: Blue Moon Frequency #2b

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