After Geography submerges the listener, encapsulates, enchants, and comforts by the various patterns and structures beaming across the musical thread. Beats are unnecessary when dealing with concepts of this caliber, the superior importance remains in the tapestry and execution. Meandering and traversing through the compositions, Forest Robots has never been more keen on embedding such rich, yet subtle, ambiance that augments the plethora styles cascading in various degrees throughout the album. 

Set to be released August 28, 2020, Forest Robots does a remarkable job ensuring his devices are attuned to the laden-workings harboring his message.

A Detailed Cartography introduces the environment. Minimal haziness draws upon various fragile timbers, burning colorful embers, while synths breathe a sense of clarity into the mix.

Mapping our whereabouts with bass strings gently plucked and intertwined through a series of whirs and breathy winds carrying us along on a splendid journey. We scan the diaphanous horizon and trace our illustration of the mapped geography. Angelic synth pads subtly caress our eas on this voyage, leaving reverberated streaks glistening while bass stabs are repeated. When the aura descends into a crisp unity of its spheric progression, we come across the next track, Of Birds Migrating In The Distance. Staring at the sky, we watch nature’s creation move effortlessly.

Here, the bass shines briskly, while echoic stirs cascade from ear-to-ear, blinking an evanescence, anticipating what’s to come next. A gentle piano trails along our path, a steady character in flux amid the scenic instruments crafting tonal snapshots from golden canyons as birds migrate to the high mountaintops. Amidst their flight, violins ascend into the air, allowing our ears and senses to soar along until we start observing the musical firma though Karst Wildlife Surveying.

Mellifluous, almost dampened, tones vacillate softly, breathing in-and-out through tight spaces. The instruments of this valley stare into the rising sun, while gently plucked bass strings swarm and materialize this sacred energy. 

Accompanying the scenery, Awash In Granite Geometry feels like that trepidatious feeling of observing cliffs and rugged terrain, beckoning for adventure as mystery awaits. 

Excellent sonic avenues extend across this mountain, while the piano softly pushes us along this ledge. The bass’s rumble is nerve-racking, but even this ethereal beauty hints at only the adventure, without the existential danger. 

Over the Drainage Divide contrasts with the structures explored, are we lost? Have we missed a turn somewhere? Dark, somber breathy tones envelop us into cold space, the arctic surroundings offer nothing but the solidarity within ourselves, the only place of salvage. Piano’s pick up, the regular instruments jump around in an organized and amicable fashion. The atmosphere beckons a sense of restlessness, but the piano’s mesmerizing sequence is a tonal snapshot for perseverance, propelling us into our next enterprise. 

Glacial Architecture Of The Mountain Corridor sparkles in a mellow scheme of the fuzzy backing piano, accompanied by coruscating string foils and the warped trembling character traits of backing atmospheric textures. This skit is rounded off by beautiful icy sweeps that float up like a breeze and down like cascades. Repeating their ambiance traversed by spectral quirks, while my favorite track, Imagining August 1976, Here, is a masterful piece of eupeptic contentment. Warm sounds streams and coalesce, merge and depart regularly, creating a sound carpet that is ever-changing and allows enough room for the sustain to mesh with sometimes what sounds like distant temple gongs. 

All Across The High Plain After The Storm enhances the naturally skillful creation of marvelous realms remaining to continually be embarked, an inner journey through the cold landscapes of abandonment and across glacial monuments sparking a sense of preservation. The peacefully quavering vibrato of emerging rain pads merges stringed-instruments with the quiescent scenery. 

Despair will always conquer our understanding of where personal avenues eventually guide us, but isn’t that the sense of freedom?

Contemporary, and ambient, music resembles this sense of ‘I don’t know.’ (‘I don’t know’ what the composer has in store, will it be terrible, mystifying, depressing, enlightening?) Who cares! ‘I love,’ becomes the reaction, a power easily sourced from Forest Robot’s expertise, a phenomenal force that shapes any material’s landscape.

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