Spanning nearly a decade in ambient-noise music – and with a flux of ingenious releases, being the most recent a split-tape with Jeans Beast, and a ‘no audience participation’ double-CD with 5-live recordings, all in October – David Wallraf courses his noisy, musical journey into wild experimental releases, mainly cassette’s. But, one exceeds his work, above all others, as getting to writing this review has been racking in my head for a while.
Terrain blossoms worlds tempered only in conflict and unease. Atmosphere is made applicable to the iconic, harsh noise architecture, blending into unity and chaos occupying the presence of laden strength. David Wallraf accomplishes an album intriguing but never-lasting, so I set this album to repeat as much I can, as it’s a perfect force of contemplation. 
Inconvenient was released through Industrial Coast, premiering only the first song on July 25, 2020, and self-releasing in full-length July 17, 2020, the methods used to compose this album are tedious, but taken with extreme patience and care. Everything heard was recorded on mobile devices, mixing together sounds and sights of places that hold their nature fresh in the artists capabilities.

INCONVENIENT is a static station, bustling into form, nebulous gases comprised of frequency. Evanescent, granular synths particulate the spine of an android, buzzing, and dismembering with groovy repetition. The layers split from each other, washing into an erratic storm of frequency. Turbine thunder grazes the superimposed force, hovering and then swirling, basking into deepened thresholds of harsh noise, combing along the chaotic atmosphere – but only loud enough to be audible. Calm shrieks, as oxymoronic as that sounds, runs through a symphony of decadent matter, which drowns into MY BACK PAGES, arising swiftly to advance the preceding atmosphere. 
A tub fills with water, layered with another device pouring into the infinite, amorphous entity. Swimming in minimal architecture, we examine the silent breaths from the background, pushing clusters of electric fabrics into experimental percussion’s effected from purely recorded feedback, choreographed into motion. 
Eight minutes of scenic, grungy atmosphere, voices from men and women rummage against a guitar’s rising distortion. Exempting pursuit in sustained style, David Wallraf executes a rancorous, dirty vibe – screaming against evolving whirlwinds of fantastic arrangements that scrape against dystopian modernity. Or, maybe the title can be literal, being the final sounds of noise, which wash into symbols bellowing the mirage of quotidian life. Interacting with the unspoken voices emanating behind this daily dialogue. 
ASHTRAY HEART completes the artist’s image, enveloping the listener in unbridled, autonomous energy. Voices rummage as a backdrop for normality, and we plunge into the burning echoes of mechanical spirals that rotate against ambient, noisy bodies. 
We sink into depths of its clatter, where sounds hit and fly, ricocheting across our ears and dunking into ghostly echoes of the introduction. Suddenly, the track’s corpus shifts into a galvanic machine, drawing speed towards a flux of daunting, electronic music. The sounds echoed and beamed, morph into a finely tuned bass drum, curating “Ashtray Heart” towards absolute power. The sounds that haunted us revolve with this portion, sending our minds into a diaphanous blaze of David Wallraf’s adventurous mind. And, where this song ends is where IMPOSSIBILITIES begins. Screeches and wisps of eldritch sounds flood into embellished filaments, bubbling and protruding from a sonic vortex. Being neither singular nor plural, tones breathe into tremors, multiplying into a variety of creative energy. Towards the end, notes tear with a thousand claws at binaural waves, then descending into the expanse of Inconvenient’s existential nightmare.

Enjoy INCONVENIENT by David Wallraf