The article below was written for Selfish Limbs’ video performance, streamed on February 5, 2020, through my label Silent Method Records, releasing his EP, “ISOLATED CITYSCAPES,” on November 13. The article focuses on the use of Selfish Limbs’ creativity in academic prose, hoping to enrich the listener’s experience while gaining insight into his musical expertise.

A World of Selfish Limbs

In the days of knowledge and experience, of the musical facets constituting even the purest forms of auditory activity, we know the scale of nature never exhausts. When musical and habitual styles have served until their end, it’s wholly refined with a new form of rhythm; but always homogeneous to its counterpart. Any ‘new’ style couldn’t have existed without its faults, thus preceding the repeated ‘happening’ of this sequence. The musical acrobatics showcased, from Selfish Limbs, is a new development within electronic music, happening among other movements. Selfish Limbs drives the characteristics of a decrepit nature, and Muppie’s visual designs are singing distorted worlds, illuminating the crevices of interpretation. Music is a language, revolving the celestial organs’ sphere of balance. The harmony of objects conforms to the sensibilities practiced by the artist. Unique sounds conjoin into symmetry, a geometry of the consequence in bright sounding channels, the expressions trekking through sensibility. The veins of experimentation pulse with the affairs residing in Selfish Limb’s experiences, exponentiating the material laws of inner nature into a function of mental firmness and poise. Selfish Limbs pulses with a glorious power against the backdrop of color and motion; every globe in the mind’s constellation connects in rhythm, the polarity of new, creative avenues. The interplay of intellect, and musical wisdom, drives the spirit of sounds into a refined harmony. Selfish Limbs fuels an extraordinary appetite for curiosity, sparking the passion for modified methods in creating. Everything is a constant push and pull, derived from its corpus of oblivious matter. Selfish Limbs whips the skins and tones into a hypnotic opulence, flowing crystallized. The world reflects the bonds of rhythm, equivocating its causation to the capabilities effectuated, drowned in the tunnel of spiral sight, where the drudgery of diurnal days is a war in the mind, where the fire ablaze in the murky world of confusion. Samplers are used, operated by his left arm, manipulating beats with the other. Images flash against a backdrop of this mark; the sampled vocals heed to the drudging systems. Sonic blankets swirl our ears, gearing for our rhythmic trek into the fine-tuning of infinity. While, then, the artist animates nature into a current of frequencies streaming thought, and attaining a rare gift operating both offices of philosophical and poetic harmony – of Truth and Beauty, melded for a simple practice aiming for the causes of both balances. Simplicity is a crucial factor. The rhythms dance and trickle through compounded measurements, and drum-fills; which the elements composing are repetitious but repeated to incite. Removing conventionality, and supplying the human economy with a rebellious attitude, offers a passage through the vexing labyrinth of emotion—Cerberus guarding the threshold of avowed secrets or the roaming unconscious with Caligula’s voice and ruling power. We shall comb the musical landscapes, and our own, with new eyes. To not just concentrate the only points that attempt servicing fresh perspectives, or the ‘next big thing,’ as in the end, every thought-structure is a form of Anti-music, as it relates solely to the individual. As creatures who have been able to harness harmony and rhythm, it’s amazing to appreciate the sphere we live in – the sphere of music.
– Sutter Greaves