Dream Forests is glorious! It sends my mind racing into images and theaters of my mind’s eye, I’d had no clue existed. I believe, too, that the consistency is not merely “the artist” sound design, but that which the whole composition and tacitly choices under creative vision in arranging and assembling. Even the currents which the album flows is a dream. Listening to Ali and the Clouds involves sitting back and taking at least 45-minutes to listen and absorb its infinite glory. Dream Forest is a surreal stream of artistic expression, unifying diaphanous complexity under the guise of synth harmony and symbolic sonic messages. Our minds sash through twisted modulations, feasting upon the wonders distant future of electronic soundscapes.
Ali and the Clouds focuses for a conceptual album. A wanderer searches, searches, for the meaning within meaninglessness. Embarking into atmospheric forests enshrined with lovely animals, all habitats of a small cosmos.

Dream Forest” absorbs us into glistening statues of spring. Filtered vocals harmonize the sonic beams, which crystallize each second. Shrilling through this speech, a subtle bass drum pumps us into the organs of our celestial travel as we move through duplicated figments of pop styles coupled with ambiance beaming. “Devastation” opens in the same atmospheric sense, being a predecessor, but grants the shores of soporific light upon our ears. Festivities sprinkled into the warm ocean glow of amorphous moving parts, seamlessly pulling us through. Repeating until “Beloved” with vocals effected robotically, raising our imaginative hairs to the wind. I couldn’t decipher the lyrics in the background, but they repeat somnolently, grazing the atmosphere. The orchestra ebbs and flows until “Fog” raises us towards new sights. Veritable dark atmosphere pulses and shocks our ears, illustrating bubbling synths echoing in high-pitched crackles that shake and scrape surfaces. Transposing, then, a fusion of orchestra sounds dancing in reverb, rattling us into a nightmare. Synths repeatedly stab until bleeding into pools of soft, textural patterns monotonously static, until raising against various notations. The synths draw into silence, and “Ghost in the Tree” is aesthetically playful. If there’s one magical thing about “Dream Forests,” the sounds force us into any direction we choose. The uses of violins configurated with the sonic background supersede the superfluous need exclaiming ‘this is that,’ or ‘that is this.’ Feedback tones and riverbeds posture polka-dotted synths, bleeping through streams of gold, yielding interpretation. “Tropical Paradise” places us inside an experimental vista. Electronic activity melds and flies within the bountiful nature, where bird sounds flourish as an autonomous valley of their musical language. We exit this stretch and bound to the swirling vortex of grumbling bell tones, coupled with the birds mentioned earlier.

 The rest of Dream Forest sets away from the sonic aspects and incorporates titanic environments and its soundscapes’ anatomy. “Apocalypse” contrasts the track title, presenting an evening dip into the dying horizon, with samples of violins drenched in the nocturnal chamber of emotion. Bassline silently plucks, complimenting expression. “Memories” swirls into layers surrounding harsh, formidable gushes of distortion, with sonic vortexes spraying from the world below the music’s conglomeration of matter. Our minds are consumed in this sensuous decay of electronic matter. Disharmony of the past, present, and future landscape – are proven demented, prowling as a fiery serpent, the short spaces of broken, mental circuitry. Until “Voyager” either catches you off guard or balances you out, either way, it is riveting and gripping unto the traveler of serene mental cinema. The pitter-patter of footsteps marches us through mystery, of architecture neighboring rancorous echoes churning industrial jungles in the distance and coming closer. We enter the industrial sector, roaring fiercely. “A Calling, A Ritual” focuses on a shrill, titanic glow of swirls in the background. Added layers of sharp, high-pitched conflict from electronic hardware nightmarishly echo. Sonic bursts, diametrical to the language the tracklist influences, is variegated in both tonality and harmonic objects.

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