A n t i : Music Review (SUBMISSIONS CLOSED)

ANTI MUSIC FOR ANTI FASCISTS Collaborating with the world of soundscapes and harsh noise music explorations; reviewing found art and new experimental instrumentation


ANTI Music : Netzine is a collaboration with the world of soundscapes and harsh noise music exploration, reviewing found art and new experimental instrumentation.
Founded on a love for the obscurity and ingenuity of underground artists and an overwhelming need to archive these wonderful albums for future generations.

To say it’s tough starting out in the music business is an understatement. Most artists and labels are doing it solely for the love of music, and on Monday mornings, they return to their day jobs.  They pour their hearts into their art, yet few people notice their efforts.  Emails to review sites go unacknowledged; if a review appears, it is often perfunctory, leading artists and labels to ask, “Did you even listen?”

I wanted a review site that was a partnership with labels, artists, fans and other sites, determined to archive this wonderful art for future generations but also to spread this form to new ears and cultivate a growing movement. What if those writing to the site received a personal response instead of a form letter? But, in my opinion, above all else what if this site, although critical when necessary, vowed never to be harsh and it would remain consistent in the amount of music published but expand itself to various avenues of artistic styles and genres? So I decided to make this review site a little different; to listen to everything that is sent my way, and respond personally to everyone who writes and submits music that fits ANTI : Music

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