A n t i : Music Review (SUBMISSIONS CLOSED)

ANTI MUSIC FOR ANTI FASCISTS Collaborating with the world of soundscapes and harsh noise music explorations; reviewing found art and new experimental instrumentation


INTERVIEW: Oriental Love

Kaya Takada, a.k.a. Oriental Love, has been composing music for almost 3 years; focusing to express elements of nature through electronic, avant-garde, ambient or, at times, noise. Is there a concept in mind when creating that you want conveyed to the listener? Will that vary?I have made experimental music, so I don’t have clear message. […]

INTERVIEW: Whettman Chelmets

Whettman Chelmets is an ambient composer hailing from Joplin, Missouri; and utilizes guitars, field recordings and synth structures in the most audacious way. What inspires you to create such diverse music? It really doesn’t seem that diverse to me, but my experiences of making it is different than someone listening for the first time. A […]


Mmrk, started in Leipzig, is from Bergamo, Italy and since 2009 has experimented with dark ambient structures focusing on noise elements. Conveyed emotions are realistic and humanistic. What sparks interest when making music?My relationship with music has always been something directly related to the contact I have with my emotions and feelings. I started as […]

INTERVIEW: The Evil Dark

The Evil Dark is based out of Washington, D.C, and brings with him finesse and prowess; spanning all the way back to 2005 under his first moniker Mechanized Warfare – an old-school aggrotech sound both unreal and enticing. What inspired you to create? I think it really hit me when I was a teenager in […]

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