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A n t i : Music Review (SUBMISSIONS CLOSED)

ANTI MUSIC FOR ANTI FASCISTS Collaborating with the world of soundscapes and harsh noise music explorations; reviewing found art and new experimental instrumentation



Check out my review of S. Lucio’s Reach – released through Aural Atmospheres via Bandcamp, this album features sounds spheroidal and reticulated through various ambient forms: using a guitar as her primary source.

ANTI NEWS: Wolf Party New Track on Aural Atmosphere SoundCloud

Wolf Party is the side-project of Austin Davis, replicating his personal touch like symbols of his discography, but twisting the marks of this horizon with a more completed structure; and harmonies accompanied with percussive inputs. Dire, one of his demos released March 3 for example, takes the pervasive ambiance and darkened spheres of repeated arrangements…

ANTI NEWS: New Release From Kalamine Records by SOUS-SOL 2

Textures exhume ambiance echoing through this experimental junkyard; through this cinematic dream. Muddy landscapes and explosive industrial material encase a dreadful environment. Power here emits a special glow, encompassing fragmentary sensations preceding each arrangement. Expanding upon this madness through two songs, each exacting a variant of this industrial organism. Monstre communicates through fabrics of bliss,…

ANTI NEWS: New Music Video From Austin Davis

Music and landscape blend perfectly here. Austin Davis modulates plains of soundscape into ambient creations. Existing on diaphanous strings of ambivalent textures; encompassing the listener into a dream. A dirty bass reverberates, accompanied by whimsical melange structures from a classical guitar and what sounds like metallic objects softly banging against each other. Following these patterns,…


On April 28, 2020, Engram Recordings is set to release Oriental Love’s latest album Full Bloom. However, fortunately they’re allowing a small peek at the adventures awaiting. Engram Recordings released an amazing track from Full Bloom titled, Polyrhythm For Organ, on SoundCloud. Polyrhythm For Organ is as energetic and eclectic as they come. A nice…

ANTI NEWS: Wormhole World released Shifting Initiation by Warped Freqs

Warped Freqs has released Shifting Initiation on Wormhole World; a fantastic concoction of guitars shimmer with vocals harmonizing, as finely-tuned drums thrust the listener into the body of the album’s landscape.This digital release offers 2 extra songs with purchase; provided through WeTransfer. Later in the year, a second edition of this album will include a…

ANTI NEWS: Austin Davis Live Performance @ Ambient-Chaos Studio

Since 2012, The Ambient Chaos Music Series was hosted at Spectrum – but unfortunately came to an abrupt halt, due to COVID-19. Instead, they decided to make an online series where artists do 15 minute sets from their studios and share their music. On April 14, Austin Davis live-streamed his performance, titled NeoWestern Woosah Head;…


Finally, an intense and refreshing album to take our minds off the monotony going on outside! New from KARNIVULGAR, this album revels in synth bombast-ism and violent storms raging through 8-bit hardware. These sounds are kept simple, while disengaging and contorting; an adventure unlike any other!Comes in an awesome translucent cover and artwork from Nurify…

ANTI NEWS: Spectral Habitat Live Stream 2 – featuring Meg Mulhearn

On April 16, and appearing on Verses Records YouTube page, Meg Mulhearn (one of two members from Spectral Habitat) is hosting a live stream, showcasing her talented craftsmanship and legendary musical ability. This is a rare moment. Experience the palpable energy of classical drones, charismatic strings whoosh through diaphanous composition and a powerful aura of…

April 4, 2020

ANTINews: Temple Released New Song on Soundcloud – The White Paint That Broke My Fall

Bass lines sing through fervent synth blasts and peaceful structural melange. Compositions flow freely through the piano’s warm character as the percussion’s and sonic power envelope you in the skin of sound. A wonderful 2 minute track that’s perfect for waking up to morning birds and getting your morning groove on! Twitter

April 3, 2020

ANTINews: Pre-Order Doom Mix Vol. IV

Doom Mix Vol. IV celebrates the label’s 4th anniversary – archiving some of the greatest sounds in electronic and industrial music. Showcasing fantastic inventions from acts like Fire-Toolz, Cruel Diagonals, maral, KWJAZ, Ki Oni, Pauline Lay, Lighght, Infinity Knives, and Nordra, while Dntel, Nmesh, Mukqs, Rangers, Pale Spring, Diamondstein, Sangam, and Heejin Jang return for…

April 1, 2020


SOFTKILL a.k.a txtqt [MC 絶句(xo-archives)] has a new song on Stay Home And Make Juke compilation from vibesonlytrax on Bandcamp.SPIRIT FOOTLOOSE 4 is a fanatical display of rich, twisted synth structures, high-powered screeching running through a landscape of brutal distortion, and intense roaring’s of thick textures and a heavy bass – fracturing reality. A must…

March 31, 2020

ANTI NEWS: Cancer Eater [Single] by A Virtual Memory

A Virtual Memory has just released a new single encapsulating mastery into three tracks spanning across multiple albums. This is one that can not be missed! Cancer Eater [Single]” represents the beginning in the next chapter of A Virtual Memory; a shift in style, sound, and aesthetic. This release is comprised of three tracks, a…

March 20, 2020

NEWS: Wonderful Beasts CD on Wormhole World

Wonderful Beasts — boycalledcrow and XquiWonderful Beasts on Twitter Wonderful Beasts has officially released their new album on micro-net label Wormhole WorldSkillfully mastered by Void Vertex and artwork by Chris RondenhurstEdition of 25 includes 4 extra tracks from their debut EP Heavy Gaze – and 2 more songs unheard anywhere else. A wonderful compact disc…

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