A n t i : Music Review (SUBMISSIONS CLOSED)

ANTI MUSIC FOR ANTI FASCISTS Collaborating with the world of soundscapes and harsh noise music explorations; reviewing found art and new experimental instrumentation


Breathe by Neonian
Self-released June 5, 2020

An electrifying experience that contains incredibly unique synth architecture. Brilliantly integrated into the rich, almost tempest, percussive activity.
The music here flays your mind through worlds built on fascinating and strangely seductive…


Wow Signal by Neonian
June 22, 2020

We see gestures toward the broadest expanses of electronic music as a frontier of the epic visionary work of orchestral, and astral, composition. It feels more often when listening to this Single from Neonian that you are witnessing something that extends beyond dance-floor and percussive techniques…

Venezia by Xqui x Geiger von Muller x Pelso
released May 6, 2020

Venezia is a short collaborative effort that was presented in the setting of a cinematic dream. It sounds each member had their identity stitched through multiple layers in a congenial way; allowing this singleto branch off in both experimental avenues and droning quality without giving the listener a headache or exaggerating the amount of crackles and glistening…

Nothing Was Happening (Lockdown Remix) by Polyhymns

Minimal percussive tom shapes and blossoms landscapes with clearly articulated vocals, harmonizing clarity; amid the outside world running itself to shambles. Atmosphere is made transparent with this delicacy, sonic architecture and minimal arrangements offer, subtly, inner peace and serenity in an otherwise…

Let Them Be Animals by Polyhymns
April 27, 2020

The thrill of Let Them Be Animals connects a point of ‘Let it Be;’ sharing a message of simplicity. It wasn’t hard to draw lines connecting these sounds and scenes, but Polyhymns is operating in a world filled with these surreal messages. The Single feels like a product of care…
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No Meaning Exists Here by Damn Dirty Duke
April 23, 2020

No Meaning Exists Here is as hypnotic as it is opulent; reveling in a rich, wholesome sound that throws the listener against its sculpture. A daunting piano loops through well articulated sound designs, running through a nice collection of effects and…
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Black by Free Soil
March 12, 2020

A rich and deep bass swell from electronic hardware. Subtle ethereal waves dance vibrantly from ear to ear; the narrow superimposition’s allow for a sense of contemplation.
A sound emanating from the background, resembles clockwork

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Unboxers by Polyhymns
April 26, 2020

Unboxers is one of those songs which you can put on repeat and simply zone out in any place. Distorted samples of a guitar relax you to the core. Vacillating between delays and illuminating the song’s melody; distorted hi-hat and bass groove as vocals
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Eating The Poor by The Evil Dark
April 5, 2020

Immediately we are rushed with fervent energy and distorted arpeggiations setting the rhythmic landscape. Reverberation’s from choir ring through the city of circuitry.
Rich percussive beat pounds steadily in 4/4, progressing through

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